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About DM

  • Dance Marathon is a 24 hour event of dance, fun, education, speakers, activities and performances by dance and musical groups from all parts of Stanford campus and beyond. It is a unique time for the Stanford community to think beyond the Stanford bubble and join the global community in the fight for health care as a human right. The event raises awareness and funds for Partners in Health, an international health organization that works to uplift community health efforts across the globe, and specifically benefit their efforts in Rwanda. See the attached sheet for more info on the incredible organization that DM supports.
  • What do dancers do?

  • Dancers pledge to dance a full- marathon (24 hours) or a half-marathon (12 hours). Full marathon dancers pledge to raise $240 ($10 for every hour) and half-marathon dancers pledge to raise $175. Last year, Stanford DM raised $125,000 in total.