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Partners In Health (PIH) is a nonprofit organization, founded by Paul Farmer and Jim Yong Kim in 1987, that aims to deliver health and social justice to the world's poorest communities. Based in Boston, PIH addresses health-related, social, and economic needs in Haiti, Peru, Mexico, Guatemala, Russia, Boston, Lesotho, and Rwanda. In Haiti alone, PIH has been integral in the opening of six new or newly-renovated clinics and hospitals, where there are a combined 1,650 patient visits per day. Now, many national and international organizations are beginning to see PIH’s successes, and those organizations are leading efforts to provide more equitable access to prevention, care, and treatment in the developing world.

PIH aims "to bring the benefits of modern medical science to those most in need of them and to serve as an antidote to despair;" in viewing health as a fundamental human right, not as a privilege for those able to pay, PIH addresses injustices that have resulted from socioeconomic disparities. In addition to treating people's medical needs, PIH provides local people with jobs and educational opportunities. Much more than a charity, Partners in Health works to raise the standard of living in the world's most destitute communities.