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Partners In Health

Stanford DM is proud to work with Partners in Health Rwanda. Partners in Health is driven by their mission that healthcare is a human right, and that everyone should have access to the health care they need, regardless of where they reside or their income level. Since PIH was founded in 1987, they have set out to tackle what other people said was impossible. PIH invests in long term change, partnering with governments and sister organizations to improve and expand health services from a grassroots to global scale. Their innovation, commitment to their patients, determination to create sustainable health institutions, and community involvement make them the leading figure in the global health movement!

Why Rwanda?

Since the genocide in 1994, Rwanda has seen the world’s steepest drop in child mortality EVER recorded. The commitment of the Rwandan government to improving health care and the strategies they, in partnership with PIH, have employed can be used as a model for future health systems around the world – even here in the USA.

PIH Rwanda is carving a new definition of comprehensive health care in Rwanda launching innovative, grassroots programs that we are excited to support:
  1. Changing perceptions of and increasing access to mental health care
  2. The Butaro Cancer Center of Excellence - the first of its kind to tackle this deadly disease, 70% of whose victims live in underdeveloped countries – in the region.
  3. The University of Global Health Equity, the first of its kind, enabling Rwandans to sustain a self-reliant system of health care.
As the Stanford Community, we are uniting for 24 hours to join the movement for health as a human right and to support PIH Rwanda in making this a reality for all Rwandans.

"The idea that some lives matter less is the root of all that's wrong with the world.” -Dr. Paul Farmer, founder Partners in Health