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History of DM

Grand Total Since 2005 = $783,637.69
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The concept of a dance marathon began in the 1920’s and 1930’s, as a controversial form of entertainment during the Great Depression. With handsome rewards for the couples that danced the longest, these events attracted hard-pressed Americans. Today, dance marathons still raise money, but they do so as fundraising events, dedicated to raising funds for their respective beneficiaries.

2005, 2006: Stanford Dance Marathon was founded by a pair of highly motivated students looking to raise money and awareness to combat HIV/AIDS. In the first two years, the event’s funds benefited the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation. Amount Raised = $52,000, $58,000

2007: DM was met with great enthusiasm by the campus, and as the event grew, both a new venue and beneficiary were chosen in 2007. That year 100% of the money raised went to Partners in Health (PIH) and their work in comprehensive healthcare in Rwanda. Amount Raised = $150,893.63

2008: DM partnership with FACE AIDS, a national non-profit dedicated to mobilizing and inspiring students to fight AIDS in Africa by building a broad-based movement of students seeking global health equality. Through private donations and the incredible fundraising efforts of its staff, FACE AIDS has matched all the funds raised for PIH by Stanford DM since 2008. Since then, Stanford DM has raised over half a million dollars and has become the largest student run philanthropy in the Bay Area. Amount Raised = $121,888.92

2009: In an innovative twist on the beneficiary, Stanford DM allotted 10% of its raised funds to a local beneficiary, Ellipse, an organization focused on the HIV community in the San Mateo area. 2009 also saw the beginning of Hack-a-Thon, an event that merged public service with computer programming, to create a unique opportunity for a wider range of students to get involved. Amount Raised = $141,392.14

2010: Stanford DM’s strength and impact continued as registration reached over 1,000 dancers. The development of the 2009 event addition, Hack-A-Thon, grew in its popularity among students as well as in sponsorships and donations. DM continued the new tradition of supporting a local beneficiary by giving a portion of the funds raised to Bay Area Young Positives, a peer-run organization in San Francisco supporting youth with HIV/AIDS. Amount Raised = $165,463

2011: Dance Marathon grew to such a size in 2011 that FACE AIDS was no longer able to match donations. So it gave everyone the awesome goal of raising even more on their own to benefit Partners and Health and Bay Area Young Positives, who continued to be Dance Marathon's two beneficiaries for another year. Hackathon was a resounding success! The room was filled to capacity and the effects of all their hard work were game-changing for numerous organizations. Amount Raised = $94,000

2012/2013: With a larger focus on dancer fundraising, Dance Marathon was another huge presence on campus! We got many enthusiastic dancers and moralers to show up, watch the performances, and dance the day away. DM was fortunate to work with Partners in Health and Bay Area Young Positives again this year. Amount Raised = $75,985.97, $73,000